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Brew Cork

Contents 8oz 227mll
    12oz 340ml

Size 8oz 227ml Diameter 55mm Height without lid 81mmなし)81mm
    (12oz 340ml Diameter 62mm Height without lid 111mm111mm

・Cup body soda lime glass heat resistant glassラス)
・Lid polypropylene
・Plug low density polyethylene
・Band Natural Cork Made in Portugal製)
*BPA / BPS free

Manufacturer KeepCup Melbourne Australiaルン

Disposable cup reduction effect
・The concept is that Reduce and Reuse Keep Cup will reduce the use of disposable cups if used 24 times or more. Continued use will lead to a large reduction.がる。

Environmental contribution
・One of the sales will be donated to the globally recognized environmental organization 1 for the planetれます。

How to care
・All parts can be used in the upper part of the dishwasher, but basically hand washing is recommended to prevent damage to the material.します。
・Keep the cork band in place when cleaning. If you forcibly remove it, it will spread and may loosen when you put it back in the cup.ります。